Recycling used wood by producing a better material. The project is lead by prof. Mahmood Hameed.


Gaia Biomaterials

GAIA have developed a biomaterial, Biodolomer®. It is a mineral filled biodegradable material which can be used in existing production equipment.


Rögle BK

Athletic club which focuses on forwarding our message about sustainability & circular economy.

Metal Recycle


KAABs are heading up a project regarding how to maximize the useful material recovered from metal recycling.



Presses and sorts paper and newspapers, but are also running a project in regards to composit-slipers.


Öresundskraft & NSR AB

Öresundskraft and NSR AB are looking into installing solar panels at closed landfills.

Bottom Ash

NSR AB, KAABS, Öresundskraft & Energiforsk

NSR, KAABS, Öresundskraft & EnergiForsk are studying bottom ash and its usage areas.


Testing to see if we can build windmills in our industry park and which consequences this might have.

Contaminated masses

Project with environmental control concerning usage of LSL-masses in a mound in Landskrona.

Landfill mining

Mining of biocells in conjunction with NSR, Rönnols Miljökonsult and Linköping University.


Investigation in regards to suitable testing grounds for continued development of treatment methods for leachate.

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